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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Eliminates bad batches by policing operators through orders
Utilizes Electronic batch sheets
Interfaces with scales to record the exact weighment of materials

Our Manufacturing Execution System controls the manufacturing process assuring product quality and inventory accuracy by verifying ingredients and weights, and adjusting inventory levels in real time.

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The Difference is in the Scales

Connecting scales to MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) verifies the amount of material that has been dispensed, removing the possibility of human error. Learn more about the scales connection and how MES enforces personal protection.

Why We Connect MES to Scales  

Enforcing Personal Protection Guidelines

We receive orders from your host system, and present them to operators electronically replacing paper batch sheets.

Operators are prompted through manufacturing activities while the system forces them to use the right ingredients in the right amounts.

The system is connected to scales and other hardware to ensure that the weight data is 100% accurate.

As product is weighed out during manufacturing, it is automatically deducted from inventory.

Recording every activity guarantees 100% traceability.


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