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Automatic Respirator Maintenance Enforcement

Our MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) has a built in Respirator Usage Tracking system in its Resource Management program. This program enforces your company’s respirator safety and maintenance guidelines and provides complete traceability of every action taken.

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Respirator Usage Tracking Provides a Host of Critical Benefits:

Enforces OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134

Prompts operator to use a respirator when required

Identifies specific respirator in use via bar code

Records amount of time respirator is used and calculates when maintenance is required

Prompts when maintenance is required and prevents the use of an overdue unit

Tracks maintenance history for each respirator

How it Works: 

If an activity is flagged as requiring a respirator, the system requires operators to scan a respirator prior to allowing them to begin. The system checks the activity log for each respirator, prompting when maintenance (such as a filter change) is needed.

The system records each transaction, tracking how many hours each respirator has been in use.

Once a respirator has hit the maximum number of usage hours allowed, it is flagged for maintenance and no longer available for use.

Flow Chart for Automatic Respirator Maintenance Enforcement 


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