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What is Chemical Management?

What is Chemical Management?

A Chemical Management System (CMS) effectively monitors and manages anything that touches your raw material and finished goods inventory. The best CMS not only incorporate these areas, but do it seamlessly and in real time.


 How a Chemical Management System Works 

This short presentation is an overview of how the various pieces of a Chemical Management System work together to accomplish complete control over your manufacturing operation while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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Case Studies 

To see a successful CMS in practice, view our Valdata case studies.

Download the Grant Industries Installation Case Study (PDF) 
Download the Chanel Cosmetics Installation Case Study (PDF)
Download the Actavis Pharmaceuticals Installation Case Study (PDF)

Key Benefits of a Chemical Management System

Valdata’s unique suite of CMS software modules deliver end- to-end control over inventory, manufacturing, recipe development/execution and quality. The key benefits and features have helped our customers achieve greater than 10% increases in productivity within the first year, and frequently much more.










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