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MES – The Difference is in the Scales

Why We Connect Scales to Our MES

(Manufacturing Execution System)

Connecting scales to MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) verifies the amount of material that has been dispensed, removing the possibility of human error.

MES systems which do not feature scale connectivity only provide a marginal improvement over paper batch sheets and manual data entry.  

vs_scales integrate

Scale/MES Connectivity Provides a Host of Critical Benefits:

Error prevention. If an over or under pour occurs, the software requires the proper adjustments to be made before the operator can proceed any further with the batch. Batches cannot be completed until all errors have been rectified.

Accurate data. By retrieving weight data directly from scales, only accurate weight data is recorded. This eliminates human error and “decimal dust” – incorrect inventory caused by rounded entries during production.

Inventory updates. When MES systems communicate directly with inventory systems making adjustments as inventory is consumed, it is critical that the entries are accurate. Because the software communicates directly with the scales, these inventory adjustments are done with 100% accurate information in real time.

Traceability. When the software pulls the weight data from the scale, it records the weight as well as the scale it was weighed on in the log file. This provides a full manufacturing audit trail.

Scale connectivity provides no human error, no time delay in entry, and 100% accurate information fed into the system in real time which translates into the elimination of rework, accurate inventory records and total traceability.

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